Our Design Process

After ideas and requirements are confidentially exchanged through Design Brief and signed NDA, we begin our research about competition, market, users, technology, regulations and other things to define boundaries of our creativity and responsibility before we enter the creative stage.

This information is crucial to define opportunities, project roadmap and design framework

After the presentation, feedback is gathered to choose the right concept or make additional changes if necessary.
In this phase, it's necessary to discuss, technology, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, regulations and other details before the project timeline is confirmed.

Once the information from Design Research are processed we are moving to creative phase to develop design concepts.
Concepts are usually developed in 3D software and delivered to client and his team as presentation with photo-realistic 3D renderings.
This way we can provide the most accurate results regarding shapes, volumes, color, material and finish for client's team to make the best decisions.

Asset 4@4x.png
During design process many different ideas and prototypes need to be developed and tested.
At this phase, the chosen concept needs to be adjusted for manufacturing. For best results,
close cooperation with manufacturers is required.

Developing a proper project timeline and design framework requires different inputs from different departments.
When completed the project timeline and design framework can be made.

After all adjustments to the design are made,
the complete information about the product with manufacturing guidelines are delivered to the client.
At this stage all the documentation needs to be finalized according to the previously made agreements.

Design Consulting


Being based in Shenzhen, we have easy access to the latest technology, manufacturers and top talents who worked for leading local and international brands to support your projects at different phases of development.
We helped many clients from China to design products for foreign markets, and many foreign clients to develop and manufacture their products in China. With focus on IP protection and our in-house prototyping capabilities we keep all the data confidential and secure, while our experience with crowdfunding campaigns allows every individual or company with great ideas to succeed on the market.

3D modeling

3D modeling is the first step in which we are validating our ideas and explore opportunities to develop designs that are not limited just to sketches. Our concept car is proof how 3D modeling can help to develop shapes that would be otherwise hard or even impossible to sketch. We are using the latest CAD software that allows us to deliver 3D models in most file formats suitable for manufacturing, animation and many other application.


3D Renderings


3D renderings and design presentations are essential to communicate design ideas through visual prototypes that are matching specific environments or use-case scenarios. They are very helpful to render different materials, textures and colors according to specific lighting conditions without the need to make any prototype nor renting a photo studio and models for product photography. Our projects are proof that we are able to deliver top-quality images by combining 3D renderings with our photo-editing skills.

Design for 3D printing

Over 5 years of prototyping with different SLA and FDM 3D printers made us very proficient and familiar with the latest 3D printing technology. We are using 3D printed models to prototype many products and help our clients to start their businesses. However, 3D printing is increasingly popular to make decorations, repair,  modify and customize products for specific applications.
Click here to check and download some of our products that are designed for 3D printing.
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Our own workshop with variety of 3D printers, CNC machine and many other tools we provide in-house prototyping to develop and test our designs. We outsource only certain parts for prototyping to specialized agencies by keeping the most of information about our projects confidential.


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