European Design,
Developed in China,
For the international market.

Tride is design agency focused on innovation, sustainability and new technologies.
Being based in Shenzhen since 2014, our international team is experienced in product design, manufacturing, innovation, intellectual property, crowd funding, investing and well connected to numerous entities and professionals within tech and design industry.
Our mission is to help people and small companies to start and scale their businesses through sustainability and innovation.

Turning ideas into innovative products and scalable businesses, with focus on sustainability.

In last few years we helped many people to start businesses and get investments by turning their ideas into  innovative products.
Our core belief is that new technologies enable many opportunities that can encourage people to innovate, dream big and make their dreams come true. We are witnessing that many people have amazing insights and ideas, but rarely any time, knowledge about markets, manufacturing or business development. We see that leading brands and corporations are lagging in implementation of sustainable and innovative practices that new generations and circumstances need, so we want to enable more businesses to thrive and compete. The world we are living in is driven by big corporations and corporate investors whose decisions are driven by profit, with poor awareness about social, economic and environmental impact on majority of global population.
Unlike many businesses who see social and environmental injustice mostly as their way for marketing promotion, we have the cause to empower innovators, designers, investors, conscious users and other people to join us on this creative and exciting journey.

10 years of innovation
and international recognition

Technology and trends are shaping our culture, habits and needs, we constantly need to rethink what products in that context mean. For us, designing is not about following the tradition, but exploring the ways to develop meaningful products for the future with enormous attention to detail.
Our works are featured in leading online and printed publications around the world, including Design & Design Yearbooks, Behance, Yanko Design, Trendhunter, Domus, Designboom and many more.

Who we are?

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Darko Nikolic

Founder and Design Director

Graduated with bachelor degree in industrial design, Darko started his career in Europe focused on innovation that got him featured on numerous printed and online media worldwide. That led him to Shenzhen in 2014 where he was working for drone companies such as AIBird and Ehang where he got experienced with latest tech to innovate and lead design teams. After that he joined Hemtom, one of the leading prototyping agencies in China to help with international business development by serving many design studios and startups abroad. From 2018 Darko was working as a freelance designer and design consultant, helping local companies to design products and strategies to export their products, while serving international clients to protect their IP and adjust their products for manufacturing in China.

He took sabbatical in 2019 to travel around the world to fulfill his passion about traveling and nature, met many different cultures, amazing people and become more aware about environmental challenges.

After extensive professional experience, with wide network of experienced professionals, access to latest tech, investors and manufacturing in Shenzhen he decided to start Tride Design design agency.

Ken Bai

Co-Founder and Business Manager

Graduated with bachelor degree in economics, with major in international business, Ken was working for many tech companies in China and helped many foreign clients to source their products from China.

His career and personal passion for traveling helped him to travel to many countries in Europe, Asia and America, visiting many international fairs to represent his employers, manufacturers and clients that served some of the biggest global brands. His travel adventures that lasted for months at a time gave him close experience and cultural insights of different countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Ken's long professional experience with amazing management, communication  and negotiation skills made stable foundation for our team to safely manage our business and operations in China and expand our international team.  

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