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Welcome to our new design studio in Shenzhen where we can help you to design, manufacture and source products from China. Equipped with CNC machine, laser engraver and 3D printers, we can turn easily turn your ideas and needs into prototypes and help you manufacture them securely and fast, at a reasonable cost and price. With our focus on innovation, new technologies and sustainable product development we are ready to serve clients who are willing to take an active role in shaping a better future.

With the latest technologies and trends, the business opportunities are huge, so we will write regularly about them to give you a better idea of how you can use them to start or improve your business in the future.

Address: A136, Shanling Creative Industrial Park, No.10, Chiwan 1st Road, Nanshan District

  • Darko

Tride Design is a design agency focused on innovation, sustainability and new technologies.

Being based in Shenzhen from 2014, our international team is experienced in product design, manufacturing, innovation, intellectual property, crowd funding, investing and well connected to numerous entities and professionals within tech and design industry.

Our mission is to help people and small companies to start and scale their businesses sustainably through innovation.

In last few years we helped many people to start businesses and get investments by turning their ideas into innovative products.

Our core belief is that new technologies enable many opportunities that can encourage people to innovate, dream big and make their dreams come true. We are witnessing that many people have amazing insights and ideas, but rarely any time, knowledge about markets, manufacturing or business development. We see that leading brands and corporations are lagging in implementation of sustainable and innovative practices that new generations and circumstances need, so we want to enable more businesses to thrive and compete. The world we are living in is driven by big corporations and corporate investors whose decisions are driven by profit, with poor awareness about social, economic and environmental impact on majority of global population.

Unlike many businesses who see social and environmental injustice mostly as their way for marketing promotion, we have the cause to empower innovators and inventors, conscious users and micro-investors to join us on this creative, exciting and long journey.

In our mission we will not support any major nor big brand unless they are interested in innovation and sustainability that can play significant step or impact on society and environment in the future.

New technologies are changing the way we work, live, do business and develop, within that we see many opportunities for us, our clients, our partner and investors to build a future that we all believe in.

Why sustainability and innovation?

Last year we witnessed the COVID pandemic that disrupted the way we live, work and travel, redefining business strategies and leaving many people without jobs or certainty in career, endangered with recent developments in automation, artificial intelligence and other technologies. This year we are witnessing enormous floods, droughts and wildfires with big political changes that threatens our environment, safety and basic human rights. We are witnessing a great injustice that politicians are giving to big corporations and investors to get richer, while majority of people are lacking essentials and basics to live with dignity. Big companies and corporations can hardly adjust to the newly created situation, often using greenwashing, racial and other forms of injustice for their marketing needs without making any significant changes it their product and business strategies regarding those causes.

This creates a lot of opportunities for small businesses and innovators to use new technologies and resources for ever increasing number of people who are aware of unsustainable and unethical business practices. European Union agreed to become carbon neutral by 2050, so sustainability is not just a trend, but necessity that will be soon subsidized by many governments. We are based in China where awareness about environmental damage is ever present and we see that huge steps are taken to reverse it, we can’t look back and blame others, but look forward and make the difference. It is clear that with available resources and technologies we can make a heaven of this planet that is now available only to the richest.

In last 10 years we traveled the world. gathered many resources and expanded our professional network globally to better understand the challenges and create possible solutions, but we are looking forward.

This way we want to further connect to with all the people, businesses and organizations with interests and resources to help people with ideas and passion for sustainability to prosper.

We want to create a space for creative, professional and business collaboration and cooperation to anyone who is interested, including opportunities for students, volunteers, researchers, investors and others to support various projects in the future. We will gradually expand our team, networks and partnerships to properly manage projects that will be filtered according to their feasibility and impact.

Surely we cannot handle all sorts of different projects, but we will try to establish partnerships and make collaborations with those who are more experienced whenever we see projects with proper resources and significant impact.

In the following weeks we will talk in details about innovation, design, tech and sustainability with number of experienced international professionals through interviews that will give you a better insight about in these fields so please follow us here,

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on our official Wechat Page (bilingual English/Chinese) by scanning the QR code bellow.

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