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D mouse 

Compact, Multifunctional and Sustainable Computer Peripheral Device

(Case Study - Functional Prototype)

D mouse is a multifunctional device that fits fast internal memory storage , SD card reader, power bank, laser pointer and a fingerprint sensor into elegant computer mouse.

Its minimalist, sustainable and innovative design is suitable for frequent travelers, photographers, digital nomads and creators who want to conveniently and safely backup their media and charge their devices on the go.

Perforated steel provides secure grip and allowing palms to breathe easier during long working sessions.

D mouse is designed to be a very sustainable device - it is mostly made from wood, recycled and recyclable materials that can be easily separated at the end of product's lifecycle.



  • Bluetooth - for  navigation, pairing with other devices and smartphone adjustments.

  • Integrated battery - that can charge other devices via USB-C cable and wirelessly 

  • Fast internal memory (up to 2TB) - for fast and convenient transfer of files when connected with cable

  • SD card reader - for fast transfer of large media files from cameras

  • Touch ID - to make files safe and secure, unlock the computer , scroll in each direction with thumb swipe and add custom gestures

  • Embedded USB-C 4.0 cable - for low-latency navigation, fast file transfer and charging

  • Internal cooler - to keep palms dry, cool internal memory and keep the dust out

  • NFC chip - to connect with smartphone with a simple tap

  • Laser pointer - for presentations (and occasional play with pets) 

The same design is available in versions for both, right-handed and left handed users.
The same design is available in versions for both, right-handed and left handed users.
The device features wireless connection via Bluetooth, USB-C cable that discretely folds around it and provides fast data transfer and charging while allowing direct connection for low-latency gaming input and precision for photo/video editing.
NFC on the bottom allows quick Bluetooth pairing with a single tap, allowing users to check the battery status,  file storage, switch between different charging modes and access other setting within its own app.
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D mouse is a case study and a part of continuous effort to inspire innovation through sustainable product design.

The product is completely designed, engineered, prototyped and recorded at Tride.Design Studio.

For in-depth story about design and development of D mouse please click here.

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