Sustainable Product and Marketing Strategy/ Design Proposal

Hope is a sustainable product and marketing strategy designed to reward people for efficient and proper recycling of plastic packaging with products that are presented here. This collection of products is designed to reduce negative environmental impact in coastal regions while promoting fun and sustainable marketing for the circular economy.
In the age of irresponsible plastic waste management that affects our oceans, environment and biodiversity this project suggests a new approach to the brand's strategy that reflects modern values and needs for a sustainable future while enabling the lifestyle that the brand promotes.
This design direction includes products that are made from recycled materials, that are designed to enhance user experience, motivate people to recycle and effectively promote the brand through lifestyle and conscious waste disposal and recycling.
Designed for the circular economy, distributors and end-users can exchange empty bottles to get some of these products, by effectively promoting the brand in a sustainable way.
The products are especially suitable for tropical tourist destinations and those with advanced recycling regulations.